Basic principle and commitment of group management and employees is to produce and supply the customers with quality products, ready to be used in contact with food and beverages, fully accomplishing their requirements and expectations. Both the produced products and those that are tradable should be compatible with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements and should also meet the quality and food safety targets, mutually bounded by the customers and the Company.

To achieve all the above, the Management :

  • Has adopted Quality Management System, according to the International Standard ISO 9001, which is applied to the entire company and to all the activities that affect product quality and customer’s satisfaction.
  • Has adopted Environmental Management System, according to the International Standard ISO 14001.
  • Reviews and continuously improves product characteristics as well as the effectiveness of all processes and the Quality systems.
  • Sets measurable targets in order to guarantee the quality and the food safety of the produced products. These targets are established and evaluated by the Management under the review of the Quality Management System.
  • Provides the necessary resources for efficient and effective operation of the company.
  • Invests in continuous education, information and training of company’s executives to enhance the Quality of the products in all activities.
  • Controls, measures and evaluates the critical parameters and processes.
  • Tackle all the communication issues among employees, external organizations and authorities.

Intended purpose of management and employees is the effort, for continuous improvement with respect to our customers, the food chain, the society and the environment.