HGI Group produces soda-lime glass and offers consumers machine-made glass tableware and container products
& pharmaceuticals. 

Regarding our glassware… 

We have a wide range of standard glass tableware under the Uniglassbrand that includes mainly tumblers as well as pitchers, decanters, plates, bowls, ashtrays, among other items. The range also includes specialty, branded glass tableware for major food and beverage companies such as Heineken and Nestle among others. 

Product Catalogue

Regarding our containers… 

Our current product list comprises a wide range of bottles for wine, beer, hard and soft drinks, foods, medical substances, etc., as well as jars.  

Biomedsklo produces mainstream as well as exclusive glassware for the food and drink, pharmaceutical, biological and fragrance industries. Its primary products include baby bottles, flacconage for pharmaceutical products and food jars. All its products are made of medical glass being therefore, superior in terms of chemical composition, heat-resistance and overall aesthetic appearance.  

Product Catalogue

With an emphasis on quality, innovation, technology, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, HGI Group intends to continue to introduce new products and implement technological improvements to permit it to meet evolving customer requirements for products in new shapes and sizes with various technical specifications.