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In 2020, Uniglass Ukraine started operations to further reinforce tableware commercial activity in the region.

January 1st, 2015

From January 1st, 2015 all tableware sales to the Greek and Romanian market are through our commercial companies – Uniglass Hellas SA and Uniglass Glassworks SA.


In 2017, our Group was renamed to HGI – Hellenic Glass Industries and operates responsibly by combining know-how, experience, talented human resources, with respect for people and the environment. It offers a wide range of products and demonstrates unique flexibility in order to address the specifications of its customers.


In 2005, we acquired Biomedsklo, a Ukrainian company based in Zhitomir. Biomedsklo produces glass containers (bottles and jars) and also pharmaceutical glass (vials, ampoules etc).


In 2004, New Glass S.A., that was part of the previous KITKA industrial territory was acquired by the group. Based in Novi Pazar Bulgaria, New Glass is exclusively catering to the needs of the tableware market.


In 1993, we acquired Cronos Glassworks SA in Greece, which manufactured glass tableware (glasses, vases, jugs, ashtrays etc).